Fernando has made mark and touched the hearts of many different types of people from many walks of life. His humour captivated and engrossed his audience. Through laughter, he made people realize that life really isn’t so bad. Fernando Lamy was honoured this year by being nominated in the top 4 for the Audience Choice Award at the Comics Choice Awards.

Lamy, was the Comedian and front man for both “GLAM” and the well known S.A.’S favourite “CHEERS COMEDY DUO”. His unique style of entertainment and quirky sense of humour is ideal at any corporate function and events. He is able to entertain, not only by doing stand up but also by exposing his musical talents.

As Lamy says “My shows may not always be politically correct, but there is definitely no violence!” He pokes fun at everybody and allows people to laugh at themselves. He also performed in London for the South African community as well as introducing the British to classic South Africa humour.

He is finally stepping out on his own and is using his own name to make more of a mark in the industry. He provides something for everyone of any age. He is a top class Comedian.



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Born and bred in the city of Bloemfontein. Anne moved to Cape Town to pursue her dreams of becoming an actress.

Many have said she is South Africa’s answer to Angelina Jolie, although none of these people could be tracked down for comment.

GRIFF has wanted to be a comedian since he was three years old where his mother use to set up the seniors in The Convalescent Homes where she worked, in an audience typesetting and let her son make sleeping and comatose old people laugh. So after working the Geriatric Circuit for a couple of summers his destiny was settled. Since then, that little funny boy with the faith of a PLANET has made a name for himself as one of the leading comedians and On-Air Personalities in the Country by headlining across North America (including Canada), New Zealand, The U.K. and Africa.

With his quick wit and unsurpassed knowledge for sports news, “GRIFF” took sports took sports to the ‘next level’ with his comedic twist on athletes and their stories. In 1999 he received Georgia’s Sportcaster of the Year Award and in 2004 “Street Skillz”, a program he provided the color commentary for was nominated for an EMMY.

Ultimately, GRIFF is a Comedian, an On-Air Personality, an Author, an Actor, a Motivational Speaker, a Daddy, an EMMY nominated Sportscaster and a man who puts Jesus Christ ahead of all men all wrapped into one.