Dylan Skews is one of South Africa's fastest rising comedians. Winner of the Nandos Comedy Showdown in 2009 and the winner of Phat Joe's comedy show in 2010 where he won the title "Cape Town's next comedian". He recently finished his one man show SKEWS ME which he wrote, directed and performed at on broadway, to rave reveiws and a packed house.

As a trained actor, he laces an effortless charm through performance rich sketches and showcases his signature laid back, yet edgy, performance style and interesting brand of delivery allowing the audience into the hilarious thoughts inside his head. Slipping in and out of elaborate impersonations, twisting and turning through a broad anthology of jokes that range from observational material to his unique life experiences. His style is a newfangled hybrid that bounces between the able one liner hedonist Mitch Hedberg and the outlandish Richard Pryor.

Dylan has wasted no time establishing himself on South Africa's underground comedy circuit and is set to explode on the SA comedy scene. This hot new act is truly hilarious and will have the audience in stitches!



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With a track record of 30 years in comedy, Barry Hilton has raised the world’s laughter level considerably.

Barry has a knack of finding the ludicrous and the humorous turns daily situations on their head to make us laugh at life performer.

GRIFF has wanted to be a comedian since he was three years old where his mother use to set up the seniors in The Convalescent Homes where she worked, in an audience typesetting and let her son make sleeping and comatose old people laugh. So after working the Geriatric Circuit for a couple of summers his destiny was settled. Since then, that little funny boy with the faith of a PLANET has made a name for himself as one of the leading comedians and On-Air Personalities in the Country by headlining across North America (including Canada), New Zealand, The U.K. and Africa.

With his quick wit and unsurpassed knowledge for sports news, “GRIFF” took sports took sports to the ‘next level’ with his comedic twist on athletes and their stories. In 1999 he received Georgia’s Sportcaster of the Year Award and in 2004 “Street Skillz”, a program he provided the color commentary for was nominated for an EMMY.

Ultimately, GRIFF is a Comedian, an On-Air Personality, an Author, an Actor, a Motivational Speaker, a Daddy, an EMMY nominated Sportscaster and a man who puts Jesus Christ ahead of all men all wrapped into one.