Edwin Richard Eckstein (Eddie) was born in Johannesburg on 29 November 1939. He completed his (junior and high) schooling at Marist Brothers in Observatory. He joined a banking group as a clerk for five years while moonlighting as a singer in his spare time. He cut his show-business teeth as a Rock 'n Roll singer with the Al Willox Quartet.

He appeared on Rhodesian television regularly in the early sixties with Flippie van Vuuren's band and later joined the Jimmie Rayson Combo. After the demise of The Bats, Eddie followed a solo career as an actor and comedian. He took the part of Mannie Bloom in John Cundill's television series Oh George.

He then spent one year in Sydney, Australia, where he appeared in I love my Wife. Since returning to South Africa in 1983, his theatre appearances have included starring roles in Little Shop of Horrors, Pyjama Tops, Not Now Darling, Grin and Bear It and What about Love. He also did a Christmas season at the Wild Coast Sun in a show called Cyclone Eddie in December 1989.

Known and applauded for his spontaneous on- and off-stage humour, Eddie is more than amply gifted with a natural knack for physical comedy – ranking amongst the likes of Michael Richards (Seinfeld), John Ritter (Three’s Company) and Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean) Eddie has the audiences in stitches as he pokes fun at his own physique, the ‘boep’, the double chin, his height - all come under serious attack in true Eddie fashion!



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After more than 5 years in the comedy and corporate entertainment industry,

Jem Atkins has garnered a reputation as a highly talented Professional MC and Corporate Comedy Entertainer, and indeed one of the top comedy performers in Durban.

GRIFF has wanted to be a comedian since he was three years old where his mother use to set up the seniors in The Convalescent Homes where she worked, in an audience typesetting and let her son make sleeping and comatose old people laugh. So after working the Geriatric Circuit for a couple of summers his destiny was settled. Since then, that little funny boy with the faith of a PLANET has made a name for himself as one of the leading comedians and On-Air Personalities in the Country by headlining across North America (including Canada), New Zealand, The U.K. and Africa.

With his quick wit and unsurpassed knowledge for sports news, “GRIFF” took sports took sports to the ‘next level’ with his comedic twist on athletes and their stories. In 1999 he received Georgia’s Sportcaster of the Year Award and in 2004 “Street Skillz”, a program he provided the color commentary for was nominated for an EMMY.

Ultimately, GRIFF is a Comedian, an On-Air Personality, an Author, an Actor, a Motivational Speaker, a Daddy, an EMMY nominated Sportscaster and a man who puts Jesus Christ ahead of all men all wrapped into one.