Kagiso Lediga ventured into comedy while studying at the University of Cape Town several years ago and over the ensuing years set about establishing himself as one of South Africa’s top comedians. Not only is he now lauded amongst the best comedians in the country with an impressive body of work behind him but he is also now celebrated as one of South Africa’s pioneering and most recognizable African comedians.

In 2012 he performed his first ever one man show aptly entitled – “Kagiso Lediga – In A Suit”. It was an amalgamation of his best work from over a decade of performing and current material relevant to the times. It was a tour de force – selling out houses in Johannesburg, Durban and Soweto. A dvd of this show will be available in 2013 and is sure to allow comedy enthusiasts to see Kagiso Lediga like they have never seen him before.

2012 also saw Kagiso produce his second feature film – a buddy cop movie called Blitz Patrollie featuring a line up of some of South Africa’s most celebrated comedians. With all star cast that includes David Kau, Joey Rasdien, Chris Forrest, David Kibuuka, Mel Miller, Tats Nkonzo, Tol A$$ Mo, Roni Modilmola – its sure to be a box office hit when it gets released in June 2013. Although he was the Writer & Executive Producer, Kagiso also plays a hilarious character in the movie.

He has also entertained corporate crowds all over the country with his refreshingly intelligent and thought provoking brand of comedy, a list boasting a wide spectrum of companies from various sectors of the economy. His talents can be further confirmed by the fact that he has performed successfully overseas as well, performing at the internationally renowned Edinburgh Comedy Festival as well as in the famous comedy clubs of New York and Toronto. His ability to adapt his material according to his audiences but leave them in raptures has always been a strong feature of his repertoire wherever he performs.

Recognized today as one of the country's pioneering black comedians in the country & given his invaluable contribution to local comedy, Kagiso Lediga has certainly earned his right to be called a South African comedy legend. For over a decade - this multi talented comedian has entertained audiences in the live space, on the small screen, on the big screen and also now from behind the screen producing some of the most groundbreaking comedy content this country has ever seen. He is a natural storyteller with an enigmatic comedy style that blends schoolboy charm with creative genius, sharp intelligence & wit. However, if there was a SA Comedy Hall of Fame - it is his achievements thus far that would entrench his position there.



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Kagiso Lediga ventured into comedy while studying at the University of Cape Town several years ago and over the ensuing years set about establishing himself as one of South Africa’s top comedians. 

GRIFF has wanted to be a comedian since he was three years old where his mother use to set up the seniors in The Convalescent Homes where she worked, in an audience typesetting and let her son make sleeping and comatose old people laugh. So after working the Geriatric Circuit for a couple of summers his destiny was settled. Since then, that little funny boy with the faith of a PLANET has made a name for himself as one of the leading comedians and On-Air Personalities in the Country by headlining across North America (including Canada), New Zealand, The U.K. and Africa.

With his quick wit and unsurpassed knowledge for sports news, “GRIFF” took sports took sports to the ‘next level’ with his comedic twist on athletes and their stories. In 1999 he received Georgia’s Sportcaster of the Year Award and in 2004 “Street Skillz”, a program he provided the color commentary for was nominated for an EMMY.

Ultimately, GRIFF is a Comedian, an On-Air Personality, an Author, an Actor, a Motivational Speaker, a Daddy, an EMMY nominated Sportscaster and a man who puts Jesus Christ ahead of all men all wrapped into one.