Kagiso or KG as he is affectionately known is the quintessential comedy heavyweight.Influenced by old-school comedy greats, KG will have you laughing from deep within your belly.

The son of a Sangoma and western medicine nurse, takes his audiences on a unique comedy journey with a glimpse into the “behind the scenes” practices of a Sangoma and what it’s like having one that you call “dad”, a nurse for a mom and why he was never able to take a day off sick from school.
In a very short period of time KG has moved from being an open-mic comedian to being a featured act in club, theatre and corporate comedy.

He made his big stage performance at the Joburg Arts Alive Festival in the Comedy Nine-Nine showcase and earning rave reviews from the audience members and organizers alike. Since then he has shared the big stage with the South African comedy elite. The shows include, The Funny Festival 2012, Keeping You In Stitches with Riaad Moosa, The Marc Lottering Roadshow, Blacks Only Comedy Show and many more. David Kau and Nik Rabinowitz have entrusted him to be the opening act for their one man shows.

While many considered it too early to have a one man show, KG ran and toured his first solo show, HEAVY, at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, Wits Theatre in Johannesburg and the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town. All three runs opened and closed with standing ovations, earning rave review in the countries media.

Touted as an up and coming great, KG was voted by South Africa’s professional comedians as South Africa’s Best Breakthrough Comic of the year at the 2014 South African Comics Choice Awards.He has become one of the top new acts in South Africa and even though he's a big guy already, he will be huge one day.



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Kagiso or KG as he is affectionately known is the quintessential comedy heavyweight.

Influenced by old-school comedy greats, KG will have you laughing from deep within your belly.

GRIFF has wanted to be a comedian since he was three years old where his mother use to set up the seniors in The Convalescent Homes where she worked, in an audience typesetting and let her son make sleeping and comatose old people laugh. So after working the Geriatric Circuit for a couple of summers his destiny was settled. Since then, that little funny boy with the faith of a PLANET has made a name for himself as one of the leading comedians and On-Air Personalities in the Country by headlining across North America (including Canada), New Zealand, The U.K. and Africa.

With his quick wit and unsurpassed knowledge for sports news, “GRIFF” took sports took sports to the ‘next level’ with his comedic twist on athletes and their stories. In 1999 he received Georgia’s Sportcaster of the Year Award and in 2004 “Street Skillz”, a program he provided the color commentary for was nominated for an EMMY.

Ultimately, GRIFF is a Comedian, an On-Air Personality, an Author, an Actor, a Motivational Speaker, a Daddy, an EMMY nominated Sportscaster and a man who puts Jesus Christ ahead of all men all wrapped into one.